When businesses need to:

* Increase quality leads

* Set up a Referral Program

* Start new customer relationships

* Build stronger existing client relationships

* Systematically receive quality referrals

* Never forget an important client's special day

* Decrease sick days

* Energize your staff & increase performance

* Reward safety ideas & actions

* Build stronger client relationships

* Retain your quality employees


*Hand-selected items that are the latest in technology and brand-name items that your recipients will appreciate

* Allow your recipients to choose their own gift that they need and want, OR you can choose the gift for them

* Giving the recipients the gift of choice eliminates you from having to think about preferences, gender, food allergies, etc.

* Top Brands like: Omaha Steaks, Cuisinart, Bose, Apple, Michael Kors, Kosta Boda, Garmin, Movado, Canon, etc.

* Each Ribbon gift albums with gift cards are placed inside an elegantly colored pewter envelope that is easily customizable with company logo or you can simply select to have just the gift card with holder.

* Price ranges from $30 - $1000

* No monetary value printed anywhere on the gift albums, cards or website

* Free Shipping

* No Minimum Requirements

* No Contracts

* No Expiration Date

* New gift selections yearly

* Easy online redemption

* We can customize each gift album to include a handwritten note that greets your recipients with your message. No extra charge.

* We can mail the gift cards for you and send them an email notification with their redemption #. No extra charge

* Gift albums/cards instruction are also available in Spanish.

* Available in USA & Canada

* Ribbon being in business for over 40 years and sold over $30,000,000 of gift cards just last year

An appointment will be appropriate to know how our products & services can help you achieve your company's goal.

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